About 30 km’s east of Angoulême, very near the departments Dordogne and Haute Vienne, you will find Camping de L’Etang in an invironment which is very rich in history, nature and peace.


We offer you a site of 9 hectares, almost entirely covered with old trees, a natural lake for fishing and swimming with a small sandy beach and 35 large camping places, giving you all the privacy you want. At our campingsite you will find a ‘petit restaurant’ with a cosy, romantic lake-view terrace. You are welcome to pay a visit. There is also a sunny playground for our younger guests. of course there is a modern toiletblock with free hot water and showers. The small central square with its trees and jeu de boules track makes the French holiday feeling complete.

Would you like to go out for a walk or a hike through the beautiful nature which is characteristic of the area? A short or a longer trip by bike, on foot or in a canoe? There are several routes in the vicinity of Le Lindois. There are also a number of sites worth visiting, ranging from castles to caves.

We Peter and Ilona, will be happy to give you all the required information.

To put it briefly; we offer you a hearty welcome and a very pleasant holiday spot. The rest is up to you.